Sunday, 26 September 2010


Yesterday I was going to write about my success at going to bed at 8:30 HA HA take that household jobs! but went to bed instead! I have been so exhausted, a symptom of my new found friend which is classic and common pregnancy woe, or just pooped from doing all the household jobs myself after putting the folks to bed? Who knows. All I know is that at 9:30 I say ugh god I MUST get to bed, and somehow I can never get in before 10:30. There is some bermuda triangle in my house, between the kitchen and TV room and the bed, that whirls me around picking up playmobil men and muslin squares and knickers and won't stop whirling me until 10:30. Then the bathroom bermuda triangle gets me too, how brushing my teeth and checking out the state of my face takes so long....perhaps because suddenly I have been cursed with some spots unreachable on my back (Curses! First time in my LIFE!) and now I am alone I am contorting trying to take care of those little troublemakers. Figures now that I am alone I have a problem that NEEDS someone else to solve. Uh, yeah, not like that's the only one!

So, treasures, and household jobs. Lovely youngest son, while I am running the bath and he has naked time (so cute the two of them running around naked, somehow they are so much happier once the clothes are off) I hear grunting outside in the hall, OH no! I try to catch him I know a poo grunt when I hear one, but too late. As pleasant a surprise as that type of thing can be, it was a pleasant surprise to find 2 reasonable logs. I really thought I had dodged a bullet there! I picked them up in tissue doggie pooper scooper style, and barely a mark on the carpet! Phew. He did a wee also so I went to the other room to get the carpet spray, only to find him back in the same spot, pooing (this time the second batch was a terrible poo!) then stepping in the terrible poo, and walking across the hall to the bedroom! AAck I grabbed him as fast as I could, poo all over him bum, legs, feet, wiped him suspended in the air as best I could and chucked him in the bath. He had kicked all of the bits everywhere, punctuated with reconstituted raisins, little footprints all over. Helpful older son, full of instructions "Here is some paper towel, you spray on the poo and I'll give you some paper", I am scrubbing away, "You need to spray some more, more poo over here, you'll need more paper", Ya thanks buddy, I'm working on it! Bless him, after the worst was gone, he got down and 'scrubbed' also, more like a light pretend scrub and then "All done!" but the thought was there.

On the tummy side, I have busted out all of my maternity clothes from the loft. Clothes I thought I wouldn't see again. Clothes I was going to sell in the 'Nearly New' Sale at the school last weekend. Good thing I never got around to it! I have already sold a lot of my baby things to a friend, which for some items is annoying but otherwise I am OK with, actually, as there just isn't space for 2 playmats, 2 chairs, bouncer, ring of neglect, nursing chair etc etc the toys are just so BIG there's no space anymore. This poor child will be in the era of 'make do'. I think I plan on just surviving as a strategy. No finessing anything this time. The most finessing I will be able to muster is grabbing that spray bottle of Vanish, and scrubbing when I need to.


  1. Oh Heather...oh Heather! I am mrs number one follower (feel free to follow mine and we can be blog buddies!
    How wonderful about a third little one though the timing definitely comes under the heading of 'sods law'! If you need anything at all ANYTHING please ask. Big hugs.


  2. oh hunny, you are in for a few months of it arent you. I do hope you have some family and friends nearby to help you with your handfuls.
    Now you take care and dont overdo it - take a crafters stance and sod the housework.
    All the best
    Sam x