Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cancelled Due to Adverse Weather Conditions

Curse these 'adverse weather conditions'. My husband is due to leave Canada today, and arrive tomorrow morning, 23rd December. In time for Christmas. All flights are delayed, many are cancelled. Airplanes are frozen, and Heathrow Airport in London was shut last weekend; there is a huge backlog of flights.

Will daddy make it home for Christmas?

I was thinking about my strategy for the kids in case he wasn't going to make it in time. Do I carry on with Santa and the turkey and the lot, for just me and the kids? Do I postpone everything until he gets here? It's not like the kids can follow dates or anything. I decided to go ahead with some construction on my own, just in case - I was going to wait for my assistant to arrive to build the rocking horse and art easel, but I think now I'd better plough on. That's not the kind of stuff I want to be struggling with by myself the wee hours of Christmas Eve! I had been telling the kids that daddy will be coming when the snow comes (this was back in September), and now the snow has come they are, every day, expecting the arrival. I keep saying soon, soon. But when, when??

And again, curse these 'adverse weather conditions'. After all that hullaballoo over my work dinner out, and finding a babysitter, and all the fuss related to trying to leave the house...I got an email yesterday morning: "Due to the adverse weather conditions the team Christmas dinner out will be rescheduled to late January." Bah! Will I never leave the house!!!?? All was not lost, though, as the stew I had cooked for my friend who was coming to babysit, we had together instead. I know one day I will be able to leave the house, one day soon, soon. But when, when??

And for good measure, in advance, curse these 'adverse weather conditions' again. Although this is one thing I just won't have interrupted next week - if I have to crawl through an icy blizzard with ice forks on my fingers and sandpaper grips on my knees, I will make it to the hospital, and have my scan. Wheeee! This is the most fun one, finding out if it's a girl or a boy, seeing everything, seeing everything is OK, finding out if it's a girl or a boy...keeping the secret of whether it's a girl or a boy...! What fun! I am dying to know what's going on in there. And this scan will give me the gusto to start preparing. Nothing says 'Hey, you'd better get a move on reorganizing your house to suit a new baby' like seeing said baby loud and clear on a little TV in a cramped hospital scan room.

If my husband makes it here in time, he can come to the scan too - which would be great for him as he's missing all the action here on my side of life. I had it rescheduled for during his visit as a surprise.

On a good note, if the cold keeps up, our snowman (Snow dwarf? He is rather petite) will last until daddy finally arrives. I keep getting asked 'Is the snowman still there? Is he melting?'. Nope, he's still there. The little fella might be in for the long haul.

So, listen up, adverse weather. Screw you. You won't ruin my Christmas. So there.

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